Common Questions?

What is the FG Assistance Program?
The Fg Assistance Program is a voluntary Click-to-donate Site.
It Gives the oppuntunity for online users to make the difference
of Donating food, medical supplies, toys to the Santa Cruz S.P.C.A.
The Santa Cruz S.P.C.A is a friendly animal shelter which shelters animals, feeds, cares for homeless animals.
Your Generous donations could result in buying pet supplies for the Santa Cruz S.P.C.A.
All donated proceeds will be spent on the animals.

Is there anyway we (our online visitors) will find out what the Proceeds are spent on?
Yes- A newsLetter will let you  know how much we have collected for the animals and what was bought for the animals, This Newsletter will be produced when we have earned enough to support the animals. So help the animals now by clicking on the link that says "help the animals" to your left. Thanks for supporting our service.
Remember with  your Support we can assist in helping animals get good health Care, food and companionship.
So take a minute and visit our sponsors, and Help those animals in need, click on the left link that say's help the Animals.

How is the proceeds used?
All proceeds collected will be used at a Pet Store located in Santa Cruz, CA to buy pet supplies for the Santa Cruz S.P.C.A. This Selected Pet store is not affiliated or sponsored anyway to this service.

Can I make a financial donation directly to The FG Assistance Program?
The FG assistance progam does not and will not accept donations of any kind. However If you are interested in donating to the Santa Cruz S.P.C.A  click here