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Welcome to Freeware Garage, your source for all the free stuff on the Internet. Feel free to browse around our web site. We are here to bring you the best in freebies.

 Favorite Freebies

1. Radio Free Cash
- HOT! - pays you to listen to your favorite music on our Internet radio station while you do whatever else you'd like—surf the net, work, send email, write term papers …whatever! We can afford to do this because we are splitting the advertising dollars we receive from our audio advertising clients worldwide with you! (Highly Recommended)

Get paid to surf
- NEW! -

Now, will pay you for using your computer as long as you are connected to the internet and active. Advertisers pay us to reach the public and now we are going to share the profits with YOU!!

    The GetPaid4 Bar is simply a small bar at the bottom of your screen that displays can mean tremendous profit for YOU!!

Commission Junction- cool - As an affiliate content site, you have two valuable commodities traffic and information. Now, in addition to leveraging your traffic to sell CPM advertising, tap into the power of your content to ignite interest-driven sales. With EnContext, every product, ad and link you place creates a revenue stream. And as you add more links, those streams become a river. EnContext lets you sell thousands of products right from your site without you having to take payments or fulfill orders. With every click you make money.
(Highly Recommended for webmasters)

4. millionare mail - HOT! - Each and every day (except Sundays) we will be giving away hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to our users - and it's FREE. Our prizes are going to keep growing and so are our winners! plus Free Email too!

Money for Mail
- cool - Money for Mail will send email from advertisers and other third parties to the email address you specify on the sign up page. Upon reading these email messages and clicking on a simple link, you will receive $.20 to $2.50 per email.

Free Fax and Voice mail
- cool - A free personal phone number for voice and fax messages Faxes and voice messages delivered to your existing email address

Total Email - cool - Our advertisers pay us to send you targeted e-mails based on the information you provide to us. They will also pay us when you request more information from an advertiser that you are interested in by clicking on a small link below their banner ad for which you will receive an e-mail with a special offer for the product or service you expressed an interest in. We in turn give a percentage of those revenues to you!


- Make big bucks!- Join more than 7 million Cybergold members and get CASH for having fun. Visit Web sites, sign up for free stuff, enjoy great offers and more.

A free Phone Card! - Free 20 minutes - Get a Free 20 minute Phone Card, No obligation to buy anything!



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