About us 

The FG Assistance Program is an alternative way in helping

the community getting involved in supporting to non profit organizations, or donating for valuable causes without spending hundreds of dollars a month.  Our site is a click to donate site.

you don't have to take time out of your busy schedule to send donations in the mail or go to a non profit organizations and donate, Since most on-line users check there email or look up important information from the Internet.  Why not spend couple minutes and help our community eliminate problems, like the concern of homeless people or homeless animals who don't have a place where they can call home.

Our site proves that our alternative way actually works.

Okay our site is  helping to buy food, medical supplies, and a chance to give a home to homeless animals located

at the Santa Cruz S.P.C.A.

Take a minute and help make a  animal's dream of having a home,

Okay to help these animals click on the link to the left that say's "help the animals".

Help hundreds of non profit organizations! With one click go to quickdonations.com

Okay The FG Assistance Program is brought to you by Freeware Garage

This Free Donation site was developed by a 4-year volunteer of the Santa Cruz S.P.C.A

so the proceeds will go straight to the animals.

If you have any questions about this service contact us.